A rich and precious tradition, no mechanization comes to standardize the process in collaboration with incredible women weavers to preserve and encourage traditional skills and handicrafts in Laos. Each textile piece is hand-woven. Each step, from spinning to weaving, helps to create the personality to make it a unique cushion. A technical work of execution of a precise gesture comes from the transmission of ancestral know-how.


Thaï and Lao silk is well-known around the world as one of the most exquisite fabric. From its cocoon to silk yarn, designed by STUDIO DOKVARY and weaved by Thaï and Lao women with a traditional technique over a century old, the pieces have been carefully crafted to enhance the spaces.

The preservation of  natural ressources with the dyeing process

Major attention was paid to reduce the consumption of water and dyeing liquor both from pretreatment and dyeing process.


Bronze ware is an art that has been handed down for many generations since the Ayutthaya era, the former royal city of Thaïland.

The creation of our Serenity Lotus collection has been an opportunity on more than one occasion to revitalize and encourage this high quality local craftsmanship.

Each piece have been carefully handcrafted through an ancestral process.