Medium Hammered Petal Tray


An ode to the beauty, refinement, and delicacy, the Serenity Lotus Collection combines the aesthetic of the lotus flower with bronze.
The lotus has always been admired for its ability to bloom to the light, with its pure and poetic forms, an interpretation of the cycle of the sun above the calm waters,
awakening at dawn and eclipsing when night falls.
The exceptional and ancestral craftsmanship of Thaï artisans used to create the Serenity Lotus collection is unrivaled and results in elegant pieces of a timeless nature. In each piece, the stylized curve of the flower is drawn by fine and pure lines.
The lightness of the Petal, dancing with the wind, embraces a new journey.


W25cm H6cm
100% bronze
Gold polished

The piece oxydises over time to create a unique patina.
For decorative purposes only, protect the piece from humidity and liquids
Please note, each item is unique, may vary slightly – shapes and colors
Handcrafted in Thaïland through an ancestral process